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The best way to improve your ECU is to collect live data during riding. For that I use the Innovate dual channel air/fuel ratio logger. I made a special bracket to mount the device on the crownplate. This makes it eausy to




This device uses two wideband lambda sensors to check the air/fuel ratio. To know what you have to modify to solve possible problems you also need to record  the RPM and throttle position. Normally you can pickup these signals using an OBD2 connection but on the Weber Marelli IAW 1.6m ECU this standard is not provided on the diagnostic plug.


Therefore I modified my own ECU to feed all these analog data into the logger. For customers however I will create a special extention cable that can be plugged between the ECU and the ECU connector so we will have the same data without the need of modifying the ECU.



With this data logger you are able to record sessions and it will store all this data on a SD card. After riding ik can take out the SD card and analyze the data on my laptop. After analyzing the data I can make a modified mapping and create a new EPROM chip with this data. To check you need to do a test run and it should show in the logging that it is improved. Of course you should feel the improvement also during riding.