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DUCATI 996DUCATI 996With the introduction of the DUCATI 996 the factory decided to switch from one injector per throttle body to two injectors per throttle body so from the two injector setup to a four injector setup. It is said that this change was mainly done for homologation reasons of there track bike's. It seemed that the fuel delivery of the single injector per throttle body was insufficient for application with more then 120 horse power on a two cylinder bike.


Weber Marelli IAW 1.6mWeber Marelli IAW 1.6mBecause the Weber Marelli IAW 1.6M ECU is only capabel to operate two injectors these extra injectors were parallel connected to the original injectors. This means the fuel delivery was doubled and to make that work they divided the time the injectors are opened by two to get the original fuel delivery.


Downside was that at low revs the time the injectors are operated is very short and can compromise a good fuel spray and then your air/fuel mixture can become unstable. This will give the bike an unpredictable throttle respons.

For some riders this is a reason to disconnect the second set of injectors and replace the EPROM for one which is programmed for running on two instead of four injectors.


996 Fuel injector switch996 Fuel injector switchThis inspired me to make the 996 Fuel Injector Switch. This enables you to choose between running two injectors or 4 injectors. Because you also need a different EPROM programming if you switch i combined this option with my ECU Dual Mapping Switch


996 Throttle bodies996 Throttle bodiesSo now you have three options. First you can set it fixed into 4 injectors and swap between the ROAD MODE mapping or the TRACK MODE mapping. Secondly you can do the same but then set it fixed for 2 injectors. Or you can combine a 2 injector ECU mapping with a 4 injector ECU mapping and then it will automatically turn on or of the second set of injector as you switch you ECU mapping. For this option you need to make a small modification to you injector wiring.


Injector wiringInjector wiringTo install this option you need to follow the same procedure as is described for the ECU Dual Mapping Switch with the following addition. You need to remove your fuel tank and airbox to get access to your injector wiring. Then you need to need to cut the brown wire for each of the injectors you want to switch on of off. Then you connect the brown lead of the supplied wire with connector to one of the brown wires coming from the main fuel connector. Then you connect the blue wire from the supplied wire with connector to both of the brown wires to the injectors. Then connect it to the connector comming from the switch and you ready to run.


Of course these installation step are described in detail in the manual but if you have any concerns please mail me with your questions and i will reply as soon as possible.