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Weber Marelli IAW 1.6m ECUWeber Marelli IAW 1.6m ECUOne of the main challenges on motorcycles using the Weber Marelli IAW 1.6M ECU is that they have the complete programming stored in a EPROM chip. The programming in these ECU's can not be flashed for new programming like on most modern ECU's. The only way to reprogram these ECU's is to swap the complete EPROM chip for one with a new program.


DUCATI 996DUCATI 996Specially used on these early days super sport bikes like the DUCATI 748, 916, 996 which are in many cases modified with open exhaust systems and aftermarket air filtering it is necessary to modify the fuel mapping to prevent it running to lean. Also riding with or without DB-Killers requires separate fuel mappings. Beside that they are often also used for track day's or ultra sportive riding in which case you could benefit a more aggressive fuel mapping and throttle respons. Unfortunately these more aggressive and extreme ECU mapping compromises the ordinary day to day usability and so you normally have to make compromises to keep it acceptable. Unless you would be able to run multiple ECU mappings.


ECU Dual Mapping SwitchECU Dual Mapping Switch

That's why i developed the ECU Dual Mapping Switch. This little switch can easily mounted on your clutch fluid bracket and makes it possible to switch any time during riding between the two separate ECU mappings. Even in max mode when environmental trims like water and air temperature and air pressure often are disabled to get a more predictable performance delivery you can easily start your engine in ROAD MODE with these environmental trim on and switch to TRACK MODE once it is heated up properly.



ECU Dual Mapping EPROM FootECU Dual Mapping EPROM Foot

To make this possible I also designed a fully plug and play ECU Dual Mapping EPROM Foot which can easily be installed in the ECU. This foot enables you to switch between the two separate memory banks within the specially programmed EPROM chip.




ECU Dual Mapping EPROM chipECU Dual Mapping EPROM chip

The special ECU Dual Mapping EPROM Chip supplied with the kit contains two preinstalled ECU mappings for the  DUCATI 748, 916, 996 depending on the model you ordered. The default ROAD MODE mapping is like the factory standard mapping with much precision on the lower throttle positions as where the TRACK MODE mapping has more precision on higher throttle positions. Beside that it is possible to get modified mappings on your EPROM chip or even get your own supplied ECU programs on you EPROM chip. If you would like your existing EPROM program as ROAD MODE you can send it to me and i will prepare a special EPROM for you.


Installation in the ECUInstallation in the ECUThe installation is real simple. Take off the rubber cap from your ECU, take out your current EPROM with the plier supplied with the kit, plug in the special EPROM foot, plug in the special EPROM chip, punch a small pinhole in the rubber cap and feed the cable thru, put the rubber cap back on the ECU, put the connector on the cable and connect the connector of the switch to the connector of the EPROM foot and you are ready to go.

Of course these installation step are described in detail in the manual but if you have any concerns please mail me with your questions and i will reply as soon as possible.