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The 996 Total Control panel is actually a combination of the ECU Dual Mapping Switch and the 996 Fuel Injector Switch and the ECU Fuel Trim knob all combined into one  panel. So if you want to know more about all these separate features you should read the topics about these single options.



996 Total Control Panel996 Total Control PanelThis panele combines them all together and I use it on my own bike. It surely feels good to have full control and having all these options on your fingertips.



996 Total Control Panel996 Total Control PanelOr course because it is having the 996 Fuel Injector Switch it is only for the DUCATI 996 model. Also for all installation detail I refer to the topics of the separate options. If you like to experiment with different mappings on you bike this is certainly the option to have.





Here you see the panel mounted on my bike. As you can see it is a great location to have this panel. With my left hand i can easily control the functions.




 Of course these installation step are described in detail in the manual but if you have any concerns please mail me with your questions and i will reply as soon as possible.