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Hi, I am Rick de Riel and I started working in ICT in 1986. Then in 1992 I started my own company Rieladvice ICT consultancy. Through the years i have worked for many companies and learned a lot about ICT technologies.

Also being a big fan of the DUCATI motorcycles and specially of the 748, 916, 996 Tamburini designs I bought myself a 996 to ride and race with it.

Because my bike was fitted with Termignony slipon's and a modified air filter it had a lot of problems with backfire into the throttle bodies. It turned out the bike was running to lean in spite of the modified ELM mega EPROM chip that was fitted into the Weber Marelli IAW 1.6M ECU. As these ECU's can not be flashed you need to reprogram your EPROM chip if you want to modify your fuel mapping or any other settings in your ECU.

That's how I started my own tuning activities to solve my issues and improve my bike.

During these activities i gained a lot of knowledge about how to diagnose ECU related issues and how to measure and improve all ECU controlled processes relevant for good running.

Also I discovered that running more aggressive and extreme ECU mapping compromises the ordinary day to day usability and so you normally have to make compromises to keep it acceptable.

Unless i thought you would be able to run multiple ECU mappings. That's why i developed my ECU Dual Mapping Switch and as i know there are more rider's who would like to have this option i started Rieladvice Performance to produce and sell my developed solutions.

So like me keep on enjoying these beautiful machines and keep on riding them, racing them, forever.....