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Weber Marelli IAW 1.6m ECUWeber Marelli IAW 1.6m ECUWhen these supersport bike's leave the factory the programming of the Weber Marelli IAW 1.6M ECU is done extensively to ensure that these bike's wil start and run in any condition. So from minus 31 degrees till plus 50 degrees special environmental trims are in place to adjust to the conditions. Also no matter the altitude always the right fuel mapping will automatically be calculated by the ECU.


TermignoniTermignoniMost problems occurs when the bike's are getting modified. Open exhaust slippons or complete open exhaust systems in combination with modified air filters makes it necessary to adjust the fuel mapping accordingly. Then people start getting into trouble. Changing EPROM's for EPROM's that are modified to solve the problem but not quite precise enough to make it run smoothly in the lower regions. Also the bike will respond a little bit differently on the environmental circumstances and the once so well behaved bike becomes a trouble child.


ECU Fuel TrimECU Fuel Trim

That inspired me to create this ECU Fuel Trim knob which transfers the fuel trim option as it is available from within the ECU to an external turn knob mounted on the clutch fluid bracket which can easily be controlled during riding. Just these tiny changes in fuel delivery can make all the difference in the way the bike response to it's rider.



Fuel TrimFuel TrimAlthough it is a simple solution the ECU needs to be modified to accomedate a connection for the ECU Fuel Trim knob. So for that it's necessary to send in your ECU to me to get it modified or to be swapped for an already modified model. This option is available for the DUCATI 748, 916, 996 models.






To install this feature you start by removing the connector of your ECU. Then unbolt the four nuts of the ECU. Now you can remove it from your bike. Pack it well and send it to me. Once it is send back to you it will have an extra plug on a cable. Now you bolt it back into your bike. Then reconnect the connector. Mount the ECU Fuel Trim bracket on the clutch fluid bracket and connect the plug of the ECU Fuel Trim knob to the connector of the ECU.


Of course these installation step are described in detail in the manual but if you have any concerns please mail me with your questions and i will reply as soon as possible.